Bowed Basement Walls

There is no debate that bowed basement walls pose an imminent danger, but many of the solutions, such as rebuilding the foundation wall, can be very costly and mean damaging your landscaping. They may not even be possible if you have close outbuildings or other improvements. The good news is that there are a few less-invasive solutions that may work well for your bowed basement walls. A trained professional can assess the cause of your problem and let you know if these are viable options.

  • Carbon Fiber Straps – The main benefit of this solution is that it is inexpensive and quick to do. The strips are attached to the walls with a strong epoxy glue to reinforce the weakened area. This remedy is to safeguard the walls from bowing in further. However, it does not restore the wall to its original position.
  • Foundation Anchors and Whaler System – This system uses an external earth anchor, wall plate or whaler system on the face of the wall, and a joining steel rod in order to counter the pressure that is being put on the wall. This does require some outside disruption, but just a small section to put the external earth anchor in place. Through a periodic retightening process done over time, the wall may be able to be pulled back to its original position.

If you have noticed bowed basement walls in your Asheville, North Carolina home, it is important to act right away. Give us a call at Dry Foundation Technologies so we can assess the situation and advise you whether one of these less-invasive remedies is a viable solution for your home. We can also do epoxy crack injections to deal with any cracks that may have surfaced because of the movement. It is our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective and least invasive options possible. We never overlook that sometimes the simplest ways are the best.