Rusty Water Heater

The average lifespan of a water heater is approximately 10 years. There are many things a homeowner can do to lengthen the lifespan of their water heater. When rust is discovered, it is important to ask determine if the rust if coming from the inside or outside of your tank.

Water heaters contain a special type of alloy metal called a sacrificial anode, which is a highly active metal that prevents corrosion. When this metal begins to age and get worn out, that is when you begin to see rust either on the inside or outside of your water heater. There is nothing you can do to prevent a rusty water heater, but there are things to be done to clean it up and clean it out to preserve the length of your water heater. A rusty water heater does not always mean it’s time for a new one. At Dry Foundation Technologies, we recommend a few steps to clear out your rusty water heater.

First, flush and drain the tank. When you notice a brown or orange rusty tint to your hot water, that means the inside of your tank may be rusty. Shut off the power to the heater, whether it is electric or a gas pilot light. Using any spout in your home, turn the hot water on to allow air into the piping. Attach a house to the drain spigot, and empty the entire water heater. By adding more cold water to the tank, you are flushing and ridding all rust from the inside of the tank. Finally, replace the anodes. Replacing the anodes is a lot cheaper fix than replacing the entire tank.

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