Basement Sump Pumps, Hendersonville, NC

By installing a basement sump pump, you’ll be able to control how much water can collect in the basement of your Hendersonville, NC home or business.

basement sump pumpsBasement sump pumps are an effective way to help keep your basement clean and dry. The method of a foundation’s construction, the local water table, and the landscaping around a structure can all greatly affect how water moves around a structure, and infiltration of water through seams or cracks in a foundation, condensation inside the basement, and other variables can all cause water to collect or pool in a basement.

By installing a basement sump pump, you’ll be able to control how much water can collect in the basement of your Hendersonville, NC home or business and how that water is disposed of. Knowing how prone your area is to flooding and the water level of the land around your home or business is essential to assessing your need for basement sump pumps, especially if the average level of the local water table is above the level of your basement.

There are two major varieties of basement sump pumps on the market. Firstly, it’s important to understand the use of a sump, or basin below the level of the basement that encourages the flow of water towards and into the sump. Pedestal sump pumps sit above the sump and draw excess water in the sump out and then route it out of the basement to where it can safely runoff. As these sit above the level of the basement floor, they are often rather conspicuous, but allow for much easier service and replacement. Submersible sump pumps are just as their name implies; they are submerged in the sump and require greater insulation in order to provide power to a motor that is underwater.

Regular service can make sure the motors do not clog, and battery backup is especially recommended for areas where storms may knock out power during periods of heavy rain or other conditions that may cause flooding.

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