Waterproofing, Weaverville, NC

Your Weaverville home is protected on top by a nice roof. Now trust us to take care of the bottom with our quality waterproofing materials and services.

Waterproofing in Weaverville, North Carolina
Most of the time, homeowners expect the only part of the house to guard against water is the roof, but the reality is that water can come in from underneath your home, as well. Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we are devoted to protecting homes and businesses with high-quality, effective waterproofing methods to guard against water and moisture issues in basements and crawlspaces.

We recognize that your home and situation may be different than someone else’s, so we have a variety of waterproofing services and products at our disposal. Our experience means you’ll receive the recommendation that makes the most sense for your home. We can resolve a number of issues, such as moisture in the basement, a moldy basement, leaky walls, wet carpet or drywall, leaky windows, bowed or cracked basement walls, and condensation issues.

Whether you notice a moisture issue or suspect one because of a rusty water heater or other situation, or you just want to make sure you don’t in the future, we are happy to come out and inspect your home and provide you with answers to your questions. Once we see what the situation is, then we can provide the best waterproofing solution, such as a basement drainage system, crawlspace encapsulation, sump pump or foundation repair.

We serve the Weaverville, North Carolina area with top-quality products and materials. We stand behind them with industry-leading warranties, including a lifetime transferable warranty on interior drain tile systems and a 25-year transferable warranty on crawlspace encapsulation. Call us today to learn more about our waterproofing services.

Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we offer a variety of waterproofing services in Asheville, Hendersonville, Mars Hill, Hickory, Waynesville, and Weaverville, North Carolina!